Doing your research & making your decision

When is the right time to make the move into a retirement village?

We find most people look at moving into a village when they are retired and are planning their future to ensure they make the most of this time, with its unlimited options. Our village is designed to meet our residents’ accommodation, social, health and lifestyle needs.

You’ll find living in a community of like-minded people with similar interests and hobbies often provides you with a range of new opportunities, including health and wellbeing.

What are the most common reasons people move into a retirement village?

There are many reasons: friendship, community, security, low maintenance homes, and the opportunity to lock up and travel, knowing your home will be safe. Good access to care and support, along with resort-style facilities, complete the picture.

What if I need to sell my home before buying into Renaissance Victoria Point?

We understand that you’ll probably have to sell your existing home before you move. Our Lifestyle Consultants can help you avoid two moves by helping you to move directly into your new villa from your existing home where possible.

Can I rent a home at Renaissance?

No, we don’t offer rentals at our retirement village. This helps to ensure that our residents invest in the Renaissance lifestyle and stay with us for the long term; helping to build on our wonderful community feel.

Legalities & financial considerations

Will I own my villa?

Renaissance villas are available as a leasehold tenure. The lease term prevails for the life of the resident, or until the resident surrenders the lease to reside elsewhere.

Will I be required to pay stamp duty when I purchase a villa at Renaissance Victoria Point?

Under current legislation, leases are exempt from stamp duty. Renaissance villas are sold as a leasehold, therefore you are not liable to pay stamp duty.

How is a lease treated in relation to the age pension under the assets test?

A lease is treated in the same way as if you owned the title to the property, providing it is your permanent residence. Circumstances will vary, and you should contact Centrelink to confirm your position.

What are the costs associated with moving into a retirement village?

The costs of moving into Renaissance include the Ingoing Contribution amount related to your villa, the legal fees associated with the preparation and registration of the lease documentation, your own solicitor’s fees, plus any costs associated with gas, electricity and phone. There are additional costs payable by residents who choose extra services like caravan parking and storage.

Do I have to take out insurance?

Building insurance is covered in the village policy liable by Renaissance and payable in the regular maintenance fees. You will however need to take out your own household contents insurance.

Can I make improvements or changes to my villa after I take up residence?

We understand that you may wish to make minor changes after you move into your villa. Before making these changes, you will need to seek the written approval of management by filling out the relevant form.

Will I be able to stay in my Renaissance villa as long as I choose?

Yes in most cases, except where there are extenuating circumstances such as the need for specialised high care. However a range of optional in-home support and care services are available if required.

Can I bequeath my leasehold tenure to a family member?

No, the lease is not transferable. Only those whose names appear on the lease are able to reside full-time in the villa. The residual payout value at exit is the property of the resident.

Who pays for the utilities?

As a resident you’ll pay for your own electricity, telephone, internet, cable TV and gas usage. Council rates are covered in the General Service Charges.

What are service fees for?

As a resident you’ll pay for your own electricity, telephone, internet, cable TV and gas usage. Council rates are covered in the General Service Charges.

How do I pay my monthly service fee?

At the time you take up residence in your villa you will be provided with a direct debit form. You will need to complete and return this form to us. Prior to your account being debited each month, we will issue you with an invoice as a reminder of the amount that is to come out of your account.

What happens if Renaissance’s owners and operators sell or go bankrupt?

In this situation residents’ interests are protected because existing residence contracts are secured by the Retirement Villages Act QLD. A liquidator, administrator or new owner must comply with the conditions of existing contracts.

In the event the Village finds itself in a financially unstable position, it is likely a receiver/administrator will be appointed voluntarily or by the Courts. If this occurs residents’ interests remain intact at all times because the General Service Fees ensure the ongoing operation of the village.

Support & lifestyle

Will my independence and privacy be respected?

At Renaissance Victoria Point your independence and privacy is paramount. An array of activities are available within the village, however it’s entirely up to you whether or not you’d like to take part. Alternatively you may choose the quiet privacy of your own villa – the choice is yours at all times!

Will my villa have an emergency call system?

All our Renaissance villas are equipped with an emergency call system. The Leisure Centre also has a system with strategic points located throughout the building.

What happens if I have an accident or get sick?

You need only to press your emergency call button and a dedicated call centre will contact you and our on-call staff member. If required, further medical attention will be arranged for you.

What if I need home care or domestic help?

We can assist you in accessing a wide range of assistance and support services to make remaining in your villa a comfortable and happy experience. This applies to all aspects of day-to-day living.

Will my villa be looked after while I am away?

Your gardens will be maintained as usual by our grounds staff. If you require maintenance to your private courtyard, this can be arranged.

Will I be able to have friends or relatives stay with me in my villa?

Visitors are most welcome to visit and stay with you in your villa. Visitors can make full use of the Leisure Centre facilities, however they should be accompanied by a resident at all times whilst doing so. If your visitor is staying for an extended period of more than 3 nights, we require notification in advance. For long periods you must seek our prior written approval.

Are pets permitted at Renaissance Victoria Point?

We understand the comfort and companionship a pet can provide. Small pets are welcome in our village, subject to meeting our criteria. There are leisurely walking paths in and around the village which our residents enjoy with their pets.

Can I have access to the Internet and Foxtel if I want it?

Internet connection is something you can arrange with your service provider. For Foxtel connection, you merely need to seek written approval of management by filling out the appropriate form.

How is the village maintained?

The interiors and exteriors of all villas, common buildings and gardens are maintained by our expert maintenance and gardening team. Everything from changing a lightbulb, fixing a plumbing or electrical issue, to creating colourful flower filled scenery is looked after for residents by our team. The only thing you have to look after are your own belongings.

What facilities are available?

A purpose built Leisure Centre precinct is available for all residents to use – all day, every day. Facilities include: social areas, community lounge area, indoor swimming pool, exercise room, consulting room with visiting services, hairdressing salon, media room, computer room, craft room, library, billiards room, bowling green, croquet court and fully equipped workshop.

How many people currently reside at Renaissance Victoria Point?

Currently we have nearly 400 residents living in 253 villas. When the village is complete, we’ll have around 500 residents living in about 300 villas.

Where can I store my boat or caravan at Renaissance?

There are a few different options available to residents, subject to availability. We do offer temporary caravan and boat parking on site. You simply pay a security deposit and then a small monthly fee. There is also an area on site where you can clean your van and carry out any maintenance. Alternatively there are a number of private caravan and boat storage facilities available within the Victoria Point area.  

What energy efficiency features do your villas incorporate?

Our villas feature a wide range of energy efficient elements, such as:

  • LED lights throughout each villa
  • Insulation in villa roofs
  • Waste disposal units in kitchens to reduce waste
  • Some villas also have double glazing
  • Some villas have rain water tanks connected to toilets and for watering the gardens
  • All our gardens and lawns are irrigated from the dams we have on the property
  • Some villas do have solar panels, and these can be added onto villas by residents as a resident variation