About the Retirement Living Code of Conduct

Renaissance Retirement Living is proud to be a supporter of the Retirement Living Council and their Code of Conduct which came into effect on 1 January 2020.

The Code sets out to create an accepted standard to help operators provide trustworthy and high-quality services to people living in and considering moving into a retirement community.

There are several key elements to the Code, including guidelines on what residents can expect when:

Moving into the Community

At Renaissance we make sure our sales and marketing material is accurate and clear, and compliant with relevant laws.

We provide our prospective residents with clear information on contracts, costs, and the key services available to them, before they move into our community.

Living in the Community

Our goal is to help our residents enjoy their ideal retirement by offering high quality facilities and services.

We ensure our retirement community is well-maintained and compliant with all relevant legislation, and provide ongoing development and training for our staff as required.

Leaving the Community

When it’s time for a resident to leave our community for whatever reason, we undertake to clearly and respectfully communicate the process with them or their representative.

During the villa marketing and resale process, we will pay the resident’s exit entitlement within the timeframe and according to the resident contract and relevant laws.

Click Here to download your free copy of the Retirement Living Code of Conduct.

If you’d like to know more, please call us at Renaissance on 07 3820 7700.