Our care & support approach

The resources you need for the best independent retirement living

Living independently in a supported environment like Renaissance Victoria Point provides you with choice and security for your future, while having the freedom to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

We understand that you want to live independently for as long as possible, enjoying life’s pleasures (without the hassle of household maintenance!) and being able to access what you need, when you need it.

That’s why our philosophy on retirement lifestyle is to provide the care and support options you need, to help you live your retirement dream.
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How we help meet your retirement care and support needs

Trying to predict what care and support you’ll require in the future can be difficult. Yet it’s true that as you age you may find you need more support in some areas of your life.

Renaissance’s staff and care facilitators are available to assist our residents with planning, accessing and securing care and support services. Our staff are actively engaged with the care providers who visit our residents, which means peace-of-mind for you and your family.

As a resident at Renaissance Victoria Point, you are always in control of your health and wellness needs. Whether you need a helping hand now and again, or you have complex care requirements, you’ll always have the choice of who provides your services and how they provide them to you.

Choosing the right care provider in your retirement

There are a multitude of care providers to choose from, each with different options, services and costs. Some Government funding may apply to eligible residents.

We understand that deciding which provider is best for you can be daunting; and what’s more, is typically coupled with a health event which makes the situation even more stressful.

Having the support of family and friends throughout this process eases the strain – and our staff are always on hand to help you navigate through this process.

You can rest assured that as a Renaissance resident you will have access to your choice of quality care and support if you need it.

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