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The lifestyle you can look forward to in retirement

When you move into a retirement village, you’ll find it’s not just a beautiful modern home, wonderfully maintained gardens, and an amazing array of facilities to enjoy.

Even more importantly, you’ll become part of a vibrant retirement community. Here’s your introduction to the people you’ll get to know very well – who enjoy life and all it has to offer, who look out for one another, and who actively work towards the overall spirit and harmony of where they live.

“My grandchildren are always welcome to come and visit Nanny for a swim and play at the playground during school holidays”

A retirement community offers peace-of-mind, wellbeing and safety

In retirement it’s no fun living where you don’t know any of your neighbours, or where you feel unsafe walking the streets after dark.

When you choose to live in a retirement village, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your home and community are kept safe and secure 24/7.

Find out what and insider knows

Naturally, retirement villages are usually well equipped with comprehensive security measures that give residents peace-of-mind. Yet perhaps even more important are the more old-fashioned “security systems”, such as the community of well-meaning neighbours who keep an eye out for each other.

That’s the intangible advantage of living at a retirement community.

When you live in a retirement village, you’ll find that the people who share that community with you actually say hello and smile!

Residents say it’s a little bit like the country town they grew up in – where your neighbours are people you can rely on and trust to help out when it’s needed.

“The location is perfect for me: I can go to the shops, movies, cafes and public transport all within a short walk of the village gate”

How living in a retirement community can improve your health

If you’ve visited a retirement village lately, you’ll probably agree that they’re more like retirement ‘resorts’ or country clubs than “old people’s homes”!

No matter what facilities you have at your place or nearby, you’d be hard-pressed to compete with the host of indoor and outdoor activities on offer at these amazing retirement communities.

Most have a pool and gym, and some feature bowling greens and croquet lawns. Larger retirement communities are beautifully designed with native bushland and waterways, with pathways throughout for walking or taking a bike ride.

You’ll also find regular exercise programs on offer, such as aqua aerobics, yoga and Pilates. It’s simply an all-round healthier place to live.

“I love the peace and quiet of the village and walking through the natural watercourse area and parklands”

Accessing external care in a retirement community

The term “care” is often taken to mean just high care, or aged care. It tends to conjure up images of hospital beds, wheelchairs, and lots of very old people with major needs!

But in fact that’s far from the case. Accessing “care” in a retirement community can actually mean things like domestic help or cleaning in your home.

When you’ve been living independently all your life, it’s understandable if you feel reluctant to ask for the care you need in retirement. There’s no need to be.

In fact, one major reason for arranging in-home care is actually to help you to maintain your independence for longer. That’s why it’s best to access the care you need early, so that you can enjoy an improved lifestyle.

The fact is that, when you get access to the care you need in a retirement community, you’ll find you have plenty more time to spend on doing the things you really want to do!

What it’s like living in a “lock and leave” retirement community

Once you’ve retired, you’ll have plenty of time to spend going away on holidays, whether across Australia or around the world! That’s why it’s very important to have a “home base” that you know will be secure and looked after while you’re away.

When you live in a retirement community, you can truly relax on holidays – and not have to worry about the mail piling up, the garden getting overgrown or dying, and uninvited guests invading your home.

They’re called a “lock and leave” community for a reason – you can turn the key in the door and head off happily, knowing your home will be taken care of in your absence.

“If something breaks or needs maintenance, I simply make a call to the admin office and I know it will be attended to”

Enjoy a well-maintained garden – without doing the work!

Living in a retirement community means enjoying being surrounded by beautifully maintained lawns and gardens – all without having to pull on gardening gloves yourself!

You’ll find that all the gardening work in a retirement village is the responsibility of professional gardeners and staff.

And if you do enjoy giving your ‘green thumb’ a workout, you’ll always be welcome to potter about in your own garden – it’s just that it’s your choice, not your chore.

You’re welcome to see the Renaissance retirement community for yourself

If you’d like to explore the independent retirement lifestyle at Renaissance, we invite you to visit us for yourself.

Our Information Sessions are a wonderful introduction to the Renaissance retirement community, in just the sort of relaxed and welcoming environment you’ll experience when you choose to move in.

We’ll help you find the information you need to make the right decision for your needs.

Enjoy a healthier, longer retirement

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