Meet Janine Cobban

Looking forward to welcoming you to Renaissance

When you call us at Renaissance or perhaps pop in for a visit, chances are you’ll hear the cheerful voice or see the smiling face of a lady named Janine.

Officially known as our “Client Liaison Consultant”, in fact you’ll soon see that Janine is so much more for our residents – and potential residents. She has a real passion for helping people find the retirement lifestyle that suits them down to the ground. 

Originally hailing from England, Janine has lived in Australia for nearly 20 years now. She says her favourite part of the day is when she speaks with our residents and hears what a change they’ve had in their life since moving to Renaissance. 


“For me, it’s all about the residents, not about the village,” Janine says. “There’s simply no point in me ‘selling’ the village to someone who isn’t the right fit, or who doesn’t really want to be here.”


“We want to make sure the village is full of like-minded people who share the same outlook and who want to be part of our community we build together,” she said. 

Having worked with us at Renaissance for five years now, Janine understands how the process of selling the family home and moving into a retirement village – no matter how inviting – can be overwhelming. That’s what drives her to work hard to make the process as easy as possible for her clients.

Helping people find the right retirement living option 

Thanks to both her industry experience, and her natural sunny and giving outlook, Janine looks to make sure potential residents will thoroughly enjoy living at the village. 

“Renaissance is quite a ‘social village’, and I know that isn’t for everyone,” Janine said. “I think in retirement, you deserve to enjoy life and not feel as though you have to do things you’re not interested in.”

“But if you love being around like-minded people, enjoying activities and hobbies, and generally making the most of retirement, it’s the perfect fit,” she said. 

Janine said the facilities on offer at Renaissance make it ideal for active retirees looking for independent living. The Victoria Point location is handy to many different shops, entertainment options, medical services and more. 

“I see my role not as sales but more as helping people to do their own research,” Janine said. “And when they do, many people find that Renaissance stacks up very well indeed.”

Welcoming families to explore our retirement community

Something Janine is very passionate about is including retirees’ families in the research process. She always encourages people to bring along their adult children or other trusted family members to offer their advice on whether the village is the right fit. 

“We always welcome family members to come along and see Renaissance as well,” Janine said. “It’s so important to have that trusted ‘sounding board’ with you – someone who knows you well and who you know is looking out for your best interests.”

And when it’s time to take the plunge and move in, Janine is there for residents too. “I’m more than happy to explain any legislation, the steps and the timing, and just to help make the moving process as easy as possible,” she said. 

“I know when you’re moving – really at any life stage, not just in retirement – there is so much going on and it can feel a little overwhelming,” Janine said. “I love that people find it reassuring to have a familiar face to help them get through it.”

Janine has gained a great deal of knowledge over the years about the experience of moving. She is always happy to offer her tips and guidance on all the steps, from downsizing and packing to settling into  a new home, to make the move as stress-free as it can be.

“And once people are safely moved in to Renaissance, it’s good to know the Leisure Centre is there for a quiet glass of wine or two!” she laughs. 

Pop in and meet Janine at Renaissance today

If you’re ready to start looking at your retirement living options, a conversation with Janine could be the perfect place to start. There won’t be a pushy sales process – just a chat about the goals you have for your retirement and how you can make them happen. 

If you’d like to say ‘g’day’ to Janine, you’re welcome to call us at the village on 07 3820 7700 or get in touch online. We’re looking forward to meeting you.