Why Choose Us

Because life is easier…

Your trip to the shops no longer includes the hassle of parking a car and navigating the car park with a shopping trolley. Residents at Renaissance have private access to the Victoria Point Shopping Centre located next door – which means that a trip to the shops is now a leisurely walk to and from.

Health and medical services are located within the village and there are no long waiting room times. Visit the GP, Podiatrist, Physio, Massage Therapist, Hairdresser or attend Tai Chi, Aquarobics, Exercise Physiology or Yoga classes all located in the Village Leisure Centre. Dental, Optometry, Veterinary, Chiro and more are all located just outside the village and within walking distance. 

No more time spent on maintenance. Means more time spent on the things that bring you joy in life. We take care of the maintenance of your villa, inside and out, including the gardens.


Because community is key…

Become part of a vibrant community of people who enjoy life and all it has to offer, look out for one another and actively work towards the overall spirit and harmony of the Village.

Creating and curating a community is what we ‘do’ but engaging with the local community is what we love.  Partnering with local clubs, sporting groups and associations has been part of our culture since the beginning, 25 odd years ago. Enriching our local community only strengthens our own and this is something we are passionate about.


Because your needs change and we can keep up…

Living in a retirement village means you’re positioned perfectly to respond to any future changes in your lifestyle. Whether they are temporary or permanent, the care and support options available to you in your villa can adapt and change as you need them to. Retirement Villages are no longer a stage before moving into a nursing home. In fact, most retirement village residents never acquire a need for residential high care. Many experience improvements in lifestyle and health circumstances.

Combine adaptable care and support services with a purpose built living environment that positively impacts your health, mental and emotional wellbeing and you will find your retirement years are everything you ever wanted and more.


And that’s not all, here are 17 more reasons why...

  1. 5 minutes drive to a ferry service for the bay islands.

  2. Within 10km of 2 hospitals and specialist medical centre.

  3. Our location in Redland City provides a beautiful temperate climate year round with bay breezes.

  4. Natural bushland reserves located next door with lovely walking paths. As well as bushland walking paths located in the village around the watercourse area.

  5. Over 55 resident activities and all of them are resident coordinated through the Residents Association and located in and around the Leisure Centre precinct of the village.

  6. 4 nights a week the bar is open and 2 of those nights have meals associated with them (Pizza night on Mondays and Take Away night on Fridays).

  7. Once a month the residents association has a major function for residents and their friends and family. Typically it involves a 3 course meal and musical entertainment.

  8. Circle of Men group who include residents of the residential aged care facility next door.

  9. Fully equipped and air-conditioned workshop for residents who enjoy manual arts.

  10. Retirees live in an independent living unit which vary in style, size and are either duplex or stand alone. Each have a front courtyard and private back entertaining area.

  11. The freedom to travel when you choose and for however long you like without having to worry about maintenance and gardening.

  12. More time to spend with family and friends and doing what you love because maintenance and gardening is taken care of for you.

  13. Physical security in the form of gates, security cameras, security screens and on site staff for peace of mind.

  14. Financial security from the provisions of the Retirement Villages Act QLD 1999 and by no unexpected costs or charges (eg. If your house is damaged in a storm).

  15. Emotional security by living amongst like-minded people, having a range of physical, creative and mentally stimulating activities to participate in as you please. And the support staff on hand to help you and your family when you need it.

  16. Staff to help residents and their families navigate the My Aged Care website and phone line. As well as being able to assist residents and their families through the process of obtaining an ACAT assessment and contacting care providers. Staff also liaise with the care providers to ensure we have an understanding of which residents are receiving care and what level of care that is.

  17. Our staff liaise with family members when a resident requires medical attention and family members are encouraged to keep us informed of the resident’s health progress.

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