Services & Support

Living independently in a supported environment like Renaissance Victoria Point provides you with choice and security for your future, with the freedom to enjoy your retirement to the fullest. We recognise the concerns of today’s retiree are about living independently for as long as possible, enjoying life’s pleasures without the hassle of household maintenance and being able to access what you need when you need it. Our philosophy on retirement lifestyle is to provide the care and support options to aid our residents in living their retirement dreams.

The monthly General Service Fees paid by residents cover many conveniences that will free up your time. Services such as refuse collection and disposal, maintenance of recreation areas, private bus, lawn mowing, security and general home/garden maintenance are all taken care of.

Many of our residents tell us that while their lifestyles have changed for the better, they relish in the fact they can be as social or as private as they wish. It’s about having choices. 

Current resident activities include:

  • Indoor sports
  • Billiards & Darts
  • Mah Jong
  • Floral Art
  • Bar & Outdoor Group Entertaining
  • Workshop
  • Craft, Crochet & Painting
  • Indoor Pool & Gym
  • Bowls – indoor and outdoor
  • Croquet
  • Choir
  • Tap Dancing
  • Tai Chi
  • Card Making & Scrapbooking
  • Table Tennis
  • Private bus trips – shopping and excursions


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